Saturday, March 13, 2010

And how Does IPL bind us ...

As the season started, the drums rolled, the ribbons flew and IPL was back in the land where it all started. It not only brought back similar KKR starting the tourney, but it brought with it another stride of memories, of the IPL 1 and the second version. Of the coke bottles we opened, the chips we flavoured, the tea we had ...  the friends we were and how united we were in the regional fight of mumbai and delhi. How best it was to fight over a stupid shot played or wonderful single taken, of the last ball sixes and first ball wickets. Of the out-of-form watch winning cricketers and free fall of icons. Nothing changed as i watched the first match, nothing it seems will change. For now in my house are segments from each part of India, who cheer ,swear and shout at each opportunity so granted upon them as the masters of the game. Yet at the end are all smiles, frustration persists after a bit longer discussion to the losing side, but it fades away as soon as the next match is on. The entertainment value and the points are all well taken and very well understood. The sentiments of people overflow, are over the flow yet delimited by simple common sense, that this is like a 3 hour movie, and nothings really cricket in it, other than the swinging bat, the swooshing ball, the tumbling fielders and ever so enthusiastic audience. Did i forget the cheerleaders. But in the midst of all this, there are those 13 players on field who are trying to make a million other smile, another tens of thousands to cheer, few thousands to earn money for next day, few hundred (people) to make millions and selected few to earn hundreds of million. Other then that, it gives a hope , a hope that it will be better next time, an urge to do it twice a year, but then if World Cup is held each other, it will lose its importance.
The IPL -3 is back, and with it are the curses the smiles the abuses the swears the laughter , the sense of winning and the sense of frustration ... sense that is senseless is back ....


  1. Good read:) What i like the best about IPL is that it makes you really appreciate the good game played by any team. Otherwise, I can never think of cheering Jayasuriya hitting Ishant Sharma for a Six!!

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  3. Amit : sahi mein ... same thing my friend amit from mumbai said, i never will cheer malinga if he was not in mumbai team

  4. angel : i did not get what it meant ?