Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SpiceJet Ad

i would have not spent time on writing something like this, but the new SpiceJet Ad amused me more than anything else. It is an exhibition of a loser, of someone who has accepted the defeat and trying to cash in on it, shamelessly. Instead of promising a better service, the ad works telling advantages of bad service.
It tells how easy it is to miss a few important meetings, but most of the times we are flying back home to meet our near and dear ones. Delayed flights won't take into account of that loss, the frustration that follows and the reputation that sinks and stinks, rather it seems to a proud for SpiceJet to have delayed or cancelled flights.
What a pity !!!
They then openly tell they don't have the best carrier, but the best solitaire player in the country travels in that airline. Can someone of a real good repute come and claim he is happy to spend money on a below par service, which is irregular, irresponsible and proud of its shortcomings. To have worst service is one thing, but to accept it and not try to improve it, I strongly believe this is definitely not the way.
And then they claim, its only hours the flight get delayed, so what. You have time to waste, waste it on airport, why not use railways then. But then it will always be at bottom on pile, and remain like that forever, unless there is a change in mindset .
I just hope they re-think that Indian population has come of age when they now have understood what is correct and what is not. Quality is still not compromised, and failures still not accepted.


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