Thursday, April 8, 2010

An interesting convo

Unaware of what this is, how serious this is , i met a converted guy today. Happy when I met him, happy for his new religion, happy for all he now had. A new middle name, which is not surprisingly missing from his class X marksheet, a new religion ( like a child fasinated by new toy), a new God , a new passion to serve the new God, and with a zest to enlighten me more about this new majestic religion which he follows now.
This friend of me, was awestruck when I recited, Our Fathers in Heaven to him. He was struck when i told i have read Bible and Quran as much as i know bhagwad Gita, and so was he surprised how do i continue with oldest religion in the world. Its superstitious no , or is it not in fashion.Old religion, we don't go by it anymore.
well , then I asked my friend to convince me to convert. asked him to be monk and let me the pupil.
So the conversation starts that world is coming to an end in Oct 2011, and that there will be 5 months of extreme heat and fire that will melt everything that exists. We all will be dead, and the only way to save us will be Jesus who will come down and take all our wrath on himself.
I am not pretty much excited about the former part, but yes i would love to see God coming down in Oct to save us (or my friend). I think my religion is pretty much stable and nothing comes to end soon. It tells me about the same period that the world will come to end, but that world is symbolic. The era will change, the new era will come. So if someone just stole the date from hindu calender and tried to preach its meanings without understanding is likely to be in shock to see Lord.
But my friend was finding more peace, he said the church gave him silence. I persuaded him to come to temple, and he was afraid. Saying he will go only to church, he wont come to temple. I so then asked him, will coming to temple lessen your faith in hinduism or christanity. You have been with yr parents to temple all yr life, all your engineering days it was a Hindu god u prayed and u got best result. Now when you are fully established, you refer to change the God. If it really come from within (to change religion) then going to temple should not affect. I go to church regularly !!!! my faith is still strong.
He was surprised at me not going bersek. I smiled and said, "Did you ever saw me violent". Well , this was him, and he asked me one thing. "What if I come back to hinduism".
I replied," You never left it my friend ".

Rest of journey there was a silence, and he gave me a big hug, smiled and said," I now know my Son, like my family, like me , will always be Hindu".


  1. This is such a coincidence I just finished writing a blog about a new religion and then clicked "next blog" to see what else was out here, and I found yours. So cool.

  2. Oh, haha. It was a mock religion, just for fun. Here's the link:

    I was just being silly actually, but I hope you like it anyway. :) Also, I'm on face book if you'd rather chat that way.