Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sita Sings the Blues

Have you ever wondered why the freedom of speech, of expression and to make movies is limited to making mockery of other religions. Have you wondered how MF Hussain being muslim drew the paintings of Rama and other Hindu Gods while in India and became the best painter in world by using the brush in obscene manner, at same time Salman was given fatwa for Satanic verses. Same offense, different results. Then came out Sita sings the blues, the movie received so many awards that I was tempted to watch it once. Coupled with the fact it is available for free viewing, i gave it a shot. Lets see what western world understands from the most pure and ancient religions of the world.
The movie starts with the most violent act of some lady ( i still did not know who they tried to depict) kicking the gramophone records. Then came the title and it claimed its Ramayan by Valmiki. Then starts the torture, the way the language is spoken, the way the claim of Ramayan is questioned as if it was real or not, made me feel sad. I dont even know how many versions of other religious books exists, but for  Ramayan has a very simple text written in a way that a student in 4th grade in india is able to understand it in entirity, but the IQ of that child , atleast seems to be ages ahead of others who seem to be more proficient in reading and understanding skills. The book is considered holy for Hindus because it talks about how Evil King Ravana (the king of deamons ) was killed by Lord Rama. But then the movie depicts Ravana as a learned man who did only 1 sin, well possibly because I think stealing, molesting the original content, using abusive languages, drinking, and not respecting others is a symbol of Great Learning in the west. But sadly in my country these are not counted in good deeds. For us, respecting others, tolerating the in-disciplined, to be polite and humble are considered good. Well, the movie possibly is a veil to depict some other religion, because the story actually does not makes any sense. The way the satire is presented looks like a normal story in west, but its waste if u look at it in indian style.
The movie should start with a disclaimer tag: all those who love making fun of other religion (maybe because of insecurity that the other religion is better than their own, or for some other reason) should watch how the holy book of hindus is molested. It makes me perfect sense to compare this movie to actual Ramayana, may be this becomes a modern Ramayana, where the challenges are different than those existed when the Ramayana was written.
First thing first, Hindus are peace making and peace loving creatures, they dont believe in blasting bombs or doing blind fire. But remember everyone has a limit. The day the water overflows a tumbler, it has to flick over. I am amazed for how long can we stick to our traditions of tolerance.
Ramayana is a fight of well cultured gentleman,Ram  to fight injustice against Ravana (which according to the movie is not bad otherwise). The entire movie never mentions Laxman going to exile, neither how is he poisoned. I think the terms like helping others, lending a helping hand, be considerate to others are virtues which are prevalant only in Hindus, while being a mere dictionary term when it comes to religion which the producer director of the movie follows. I am not sure which religion she follows(if she really does), but one thing is sure, her religion tells her and encourages her to do a mockery of other religions. Which religion is that in the world.
What is the aim achieved by making such movies and distributing them on mass scale, truely reflects where the world is heading. I am still left wondering as to how much more tolerance and patience is present in the people following this religion that they still are protesting peacefully. They are still not going out and planting bombs are issuing something like fatwa for the movie crew. They infact dont have such a command to execute. They are peace loving, and very friendly, helpful, thoughful and take the world out of such crisis. But once in a while there will be a Ravana who will be waiting to be dead in hands of people like Ram.
Whatever one do, whatever be the motive , whatever be the path, the movie ends with the girl reading ramayana, over and over again. May be she is also trying to figure out how the real one is depicted to a limit where the spoof will also be ashamed of it.

Sita Sings the blues is nothing but the type of work which creates stir in the society, and is directly responsible for people taking arms to protect their identity. The people who make such movies are those who create terrorists in the society, and then go and make movies on those terror strikes. The only way to stop these types of movies getting popular does not exist, but god forbid, don't make movies which might turn the most sacred peace loving religion in this world also a menace. The world will see its end if that happens.

Sincere request: Please consider Earth as a safe place, and try to respect the feelings of others. They matter more than few awards you win by laughing on sentiments of others. The creativity is good, but please use it to make movies like Avatar and not Sita Sings the Blues. 

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  1. Funny how the peace loving hidus like to abort female babies, kill unruly brides, and molest children. Sounds like islam to me.