Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dictionary you should carry

Throughout my life I have grown up learning new words from so many languages. New and glorious words, but few words were easy to learn, and hard to implement. I now understand, we all have our own dictionaries. I used to laugh when I read the statement, "I dont have impossible in my dictionary", and replied it with, "Brother, someone gave you a sub standard one", or "you need to learn how to read it".
I realize its time now when we need to know how to really read that dictionary. The words we should carry with us most of the times, and words we should just forget as aging process of a human brain should be re-defined. I can't tell for sure what words are needed for one particular person, few things are clear. Words like hatred, jealousy, terrorism and dis-respect should be shunned.Words like friendship, trust , respect , understanding, mutual prosper and victory for all be promoted

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