Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tell me

tell me i cant do it , and i will prove u wrong ... tell me u can also do it, i will help u ... tell me we both cant do it, i will make u believe we can do it ... tell me there is no tomorrow, and i can tell you its already next day in India , when i am still a date behind in here .... so dont think where u r , think what you want to do. Dont think how you landed here, think how you can use this place to be launchpad for future. Don't be contented when a goal is reached, use it as inspiration for next level.  Dont think you have struggled to reach this place, think you will glide on from here. Smoking to get rid of tension, it will smoke you out of life, don't think about me next time you smoke. Think of your loved ones. If you do that, remember you can for rest of your life boast about it. Tell me you can do it. Gained a lot of weight, easy eating hard getting rid of it. Eat less , exercise more, dont count calories. Tell yourself you can do it. there is no more motivation than self motivation. Tell me you can do it.
the path is hard , the life is harder. To win over the world is a challenge, to win over loved ones should be a passion, and to win over onself the aim. Tell me you can do it, and if you are not sure, stand with me , and we will do it .
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