Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Saint Who Drank .....

Its a time when not many are looking forward to have a religious life, may be a bit more on the spiritual side. But this does not still negate the need of having a connection to the God, or to the inner self. Can I term it as a connection to the spirit as being spiritual. Lets not do it now. Lets assume we want to get spiritual, and we have different ways to do it. We tend to imagine the power rays in the world universe to concentrate and do it back in the backyard of immense energy that our soul possesses. We have estimated that an average brain uses only 7% of what is is capable of, and still we know so much, or assume we do. Same is the case with spiritualism. Each one has his own interpretation, each one of us is right, because its one's own belief. Its not something that comes out from an idol or sky or dead sea, its the devotion one has. To blindly listen to few speeches on spirituality, after listening to few great saints, and integrating that thought to extent that one knows more than universe is wrong. Its alarming infact. Many would not like htis article teaching others as to how to get the things going, but I have myself seen people trying to do a particular yoga to get best wavelengths out of u.What would have happened if humans had wings , then we must be looking deep in earth and praying. Why we often look up and pray, is trying to connect God in sky. Is he really that far. Is he not with you, if he is to exist.
The God is pure, he can just do nothing wrong. He does not steal in childhood, he does not has any element of jealousy , he does no felony, all his actions are marked pure since he is God and must be doing for a good cause. I happen to stumble on saints in India, few of them had hookah with them, and few drink bhang (the drink of lord). Then there are other ways of getting intoxicated and reaching out to God, the lord above . Have you ever met a person who says he can connect to God , ask him if he is pure. Why do i see people connecting to God, getting them intoxicated in a way , like smoking something or drinking. Is it the God's way. Probably not. Its a way to connect to yourself. You always know whats good and whats not, but you dont have courage to do it. Sometimes you might need it, but you may not. Most saints who dont have any fear are often found in serene white silence, speaking less often, trying to connect to themselves (they themselves might term it connecting to superpower above). The fact is our mind and our human body are a combined energy power house,  too difficult to cope with if let it go free. People who are able to exceed the limits of normal brain usage are not too hard to find. They might not be successful like CEO of company or creator of social networking website. That is just an idea that worked, the whole idea of using brain power to predict and mould the life for better society is the spiritual self.
Once you have reached to a level where you can see not you but the world world at center, you will not be the saint who drank .


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  2. Nice one.
    The truth ( pure ), comes in different forms, and for that it picks humans too. And those human beings have different habits, looks, physical attributes as well has non physical attributes. Like onion, beyond these layers, lies the truth. When, the enlightened one see, he sees only the truth, no layers. When we see, we see layers ONLY layers .. the Saint who Drank. :)

  3. Really true. Like layers of onion ... materialistic world forms these layers .... get rid of it ... vasudhaiv kutumb , comes from inside immortal soul to outside mortal world