Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where to Investment

I have always read in all the books all the times, money makes more money. But how. You don't keep money in a locker, and it grows. But you can keep a ton of gold in your locker and it may grow. But to do something , you will need to use your money well. You don't need to invest. You need to invest wisely. But invest, where ?
I have been thinking of it for a few months now. Studying the stocks , the markets , the different metals , and even the website market. I went to extent to find out how will the app store work. The conclusion :
1. Gold : Investment in gold can be done at any given point. But there are speculations the prices of gold will go down with weakening dollar. Google the gold reports for last 10 years, Gold stands strong. The prices may vary over a month span , but look year on year, gold is sure winner. Gold will fetch returns but not sky rocket initially. Say , i buy gold worth $1000.00 , and in next 2 months it reach a level $2500. Now when i sell the Gold, i make a flat profit of 150%, but if i want to reinvest , i will have to purchase it at price in market which will always be either  2500 or greater. Means , then i will be incurring a loss on me. Or then , i will buy $100000 worth gold and sell it again. This cant go on long term at short term basis, you will end up losing more money than making it
2. Stocks : we all have GOOD friends who are doing good in stocks. Don't jump into stock business holding his finger. Start experimenting. Put in a little money and keep yourself updated with the news. If Lehman brothers can crash , dont believe Google or Apple wont. Nothing is forever. Invest in one and make money , invest but diversify. Remember it eats up lots of your energy to keep a track of stocks
3. Websites : Now this is utter nonsense , as many of my friends reading this will say. How many readers we have on laptop. What percentage population of software engineers read news , blogs , facebook or play games. What limits the future kids. You can take an eye off but the future generations won't. The technologies will keep on evolving, we still have a scope for a billion more website names, but will be exhausted by good ones. One of my friends , stocked up a a good quantity of names (from and ended up selling it for good amount over leading online auction site. That is an option to go for when you have less money to risk and anticipating the future. Not an option for all people.

Where to invest now :)


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