Friday, December 24, 2010

The Boring YouTube

Ever since the concept of online webcast of movies , television serials and other media has hit the market, new companies have cropped up to take the advantage. Latest is the netflix , but then YouTube is probably the most popular. The reason, its free. Is it. There are so many reason of late , I have stopped appreciating the content on Youtube, even though it boasts of new features as themes and HD quality.
There are absolutely no genuine work available, most of the things I want to listen to are under copyright details. My friend in India can watch the same clip which I can not. If you are able to find a video worth watching, it comes starts with a mandatory advertisement. Top it of, there is an advertisement always playing in bottom of the screen.
I would have imagined youtube to make a big name, but its not. A popular song search results with everything but the original song / artist. There are thousands of crap results. People singing in most unbearable voices have it up the result list.
Google needs to come up with a better method to make me stick to it. Else there will be a big following of people , right out of youtube. Just like what happened to Orkut, will happen to Youtube , and you never know , to gmail itself too. High time Google searches its success mantra, or may be it gets binged.
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