Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Phone / I PAD Application Development

this article should end up in some technical blog section somewhere but it will be my mainstream topic. For there are so many things one i-phone app development desire teaches you. Few are :
  • Nothing in this world is free 
  • You can always find a way out , even if not free 
  • If you want to pay, you will end up paying as much as you want. 
Now , I had a desire to do some I-phone application developement, it is one of the best devices i have, and i love the applications, and thought how wonderful it will be if I can develop my own applications. And so whats the pre-requisite.
When i started writing this article , it was for I-Phone, now it is for I-Phone/Ipad.
I - Pad is a real re-Invention of old I-Pod Touch, which is a discovery of I-Phone Minus Cell Phone.Well, after looking into I-Pad , i am more inclined to write a first sight not so love review, and how happy I am to buy a Mac Book without waiting for I-Pad

The i-Phone application is relatively easy, and the learning curve for simple applications is not steep. The learning material can be found at for a price though ( it was 99$ , if u dont have an apple account)
To develop an i-phone application , the first thing you will need a little knowledge of Objective-C ( a flavor of C) , a Mac OS , I-phone SDK ( available free ,2.5 GB in size) and another spare 99$ to host it.

Once done with the inital development, install the I-phone SDK, and open it. Easily though , click on New Project, and select Windows Application. Now Click on a file whose extension is .xib, it launches the application interface and a window. Select from the option in the new window, and change the background color or text , add a button. Go to Edit -> Build Project and Run . I phone simulator launches with no coding . And here u r with ur first i phone app dev.
I will be updating it with screen shots in i-phone section on