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One More Friend Lost ..

 One More Friend Lost ..
Posted by Deepak Gupta on August 11, 2007 at 12:04pm
Last few weeks have been most entralling in my life , when i am getting new friends and losing old ones, for like a snake i am , seems like loosing the old skin, but believe me its very very painful. A tear trickles down the eye, with each falling wicket. with each wound that has over the times dug deep in the flesh, that the marks will stay till the end. How easy it is to end something you wanted for so long. For losing love i have never loved , but losing good friends is what has started pinching me. For so long have i been tired to smile now, for someone who might not even consider me a friend. for all those who still talk to me cauz i call them sometimes or we chat regularly .. PLEASE STOP ... Some friends are made life long , and as such one expect them to be there.
There can be sometimes when the mood is not right , but you dont tell a friend , i am watching TV. seems somethings more important than me. I believe one odd day humans might be able to survive without food , water or oxygen , but without friends .. impossible, for that will be existing and not living...
Some people grow so fast in the career , and at such a pace , that they start ignoring turtle paced people like me. for them who dont care about bad luck , and still for those friend whose major concern seems to be more than other people watching scraps by them in my srapbook as potentional danger as to what others will say, there is just one thing i wanna say. believe me , i dont want to , but here it goes .. "always be nice to people on your way up , you generally meet them on your way down".
I know i have been too slow in this fast paced world, and friends are tired of moving so slow. and here i stand in this world , making new friends who will also one day lose my hand in this fast paced world. And this is what i have stopped from making new friends, want to hold a few left. some of my best pals , my best stress relievers have now become so big , that they dont have time or advise. only one thing u can expect from them , ask yourself. I have been left in this jungle world as a foe among friends. thank you miss , it has been nice knowing you for so long ...
one thing i realised evening of aug 10, friday that it is so easy to be shut, to feel so little, to be eradicate. time when i realised people dont take me serious any more. for should i stop fooling around. for i will try to seal my lips.
For this friend of mine ,anyone can take a guess.
I know i dont have any manners to talk to anyone, but to be neglected as today , to make me realise what I am ... to tell not the world , who cares about it after all (other than her) ... feels real good. good bye friend , you will go to greater heights , to places never touched by anyone. Ask me it will be very very very hard for me to live without taking her advise, but i promise i will never ever again disturb you while you are watching TV or not ...

Lunch with Ghost

Lunch With Ghost
9th Oct 2008 was an optional holiday in Infosys , but for me a regular working day. It happens She has come to Bangalore for a short term and is staying in ECC. since there was no one in project working , i thought it will be good idea to meet her over lunch. The name that haunts me for so long is finally back into my life. I had known i would meet a girl by that name and she will be one of those who i would have thought i will meet. Well , so lets say i have to decide whether to talk to this person, without actually telling her anything. Well , to start she is from Chandigarh, was in Bangalore for 2 years but now transferred to Chandigarh. One might just feel she is back to bangalore to meet me , or my future plans were stuck because i was destined to meet someone like her , for some past memories and associations to her to be re-lived. Not many know her importance in my life is an age old phenomenon. She is one thousand of common names present in India. So Where did i first meet her , in HSR Layout. Now she is wearing a Black Dress ( as probably the Dress Code) , and she is one of those beauties who anyone would miss out at first. She slowly seeps into you as an addiction and irresistible habit. You tend to know her , and more you know, still more you would love to know.
She is basically one strong kid, a real child by heart who knows how to carry herself. A bindass girl EverReady for a good snap, and to any planned trip. One of a few girl who would pump in blood in the veins. So we have not even started with lunch details with this Bar-1 Girl.
She came dressed so properly , and fragnance of her exotic hair were all it required to bring a smile back. Her real cool smile was the flavour of the day. And thanks she obliged to come to my desk on my insistence. I always thought i will be able to persuade her , not because i have the power but because of a sheer coincidence in her name that still keeps on haunting me. I look to her as a very good friend , a re-incarination of the one gone. I confirmed over the times if she was in delhi sometimes , but she was not. So the office was nearly vacant , and we went out , when she proudly annouced that she will not have lunch as she is fasting. So i understood its time to be hungry again. Still i could not afford to lose her company in deserted company on a holiday. It was holiday for me also, but i decided not to tell her the fact.
So we moved out and sat for a sugarcane juice. She is one sweet girl , with a sweeter voice and still best smile. I wont say she is the most beautiful, but yes , she is one of the most good looking , decent , sober and perfectly dressed ladies to come in my life. So we started the conversation , and i said everything about myself. My honest opinions and true me were out to that piercing smile which refused to fade away despite being at loss of words. by end of conversation, she had known of my educational background, my finances and the most treasured part of my life. Thank God , the tear did not trickled down my eyes. For that would have been defeat of the soul that changed me.
But by end , i knew the angel sitting by me had an interst in light english melodious songs , romantic novels. She listens to soft music , and love to note the quotations. Her favourite Ghazal singer is Jagjit Singh , even though she can not identify between Pankaj Udhas and Jags.
The sugarcane juice was followed by lemon tea at Lotus Eaterz. She was just superb in her dressing sense (as always) and carried herself well. I had to think many times if she would just not want to roam around with me , for she being sky and me on earth ... those meet in horizon which never exists. Then a small stroll to casa , where she told she loves to walk. I was happy she is second girl after my crush , to love doing so. Then we went to multimedia building and then to building 44 where we went to see NRN's cabin , but a board meeting in place kept us at a distance. Well , she just came down and glided back to hostel to complete a perfect festival called Dusshera , and i will just cherish those hours with her forever ... i just want to tell you , i like the way you talk , the way you smile, your ever - energetic approach to life , who is bindass , care-free , one who does not carry any burden or extra baggage and the way your name is same as the ghost i had known ... Miss you always ...
Take Care ............. and always be in touch even if i go away or you do ... and remember you are just awsome ....