Thursday, April 7, 2011

India Against Corruption- Anna Hazare

Someone had to stand upto it, someone had to say, its enough. It was expected to come sometime, sometime when everyone knew the corruption is part of life,  but will no longer be.  I recently saw a lesser known hindi movie,"Paathshaala", which truely reflects the condition of indian politics and corruption. The conversation between Nana and Shahid Kapoor is:
Nana: This is not an era of revolutions.
Shahid: There is not a time for revolutions, it just comes.

This came just like that. When we were celebrating India's success in climbing Zenith of Cricket , when all were paid a crore for win , a stout man was planning future of his nation, of our nation. First time I saw, India against Corruption, I decimated this as good effort, but the next day when I came to know its Fast until Death, is something that impressed me. Not that I am sadist or impressed by his claims , but because he has done it. He has the right to information and his deeds speak well off. He can die in course of fasting, because the coffers filled with billions of dollars won't shed a tear, or stop the crime. They have already sold the soul to money, to dollars to the Swiz banks.

The response: The media response might have been slow, the news were filled with World cup, the Poonam pandey and somewhere in the corner is this man, fighting not to make history, not to be a part of history, but to make corruption in India a part of history.
He is still ripe in his movement , we have our twitters, facebooks and orkuts open, we have friends , we have the initiative. We always have had the right energy, we just needed the push. Here we are, and when a a billion strikes, a million corrupt will be rooted off. This was known. The man knows it, so his fight is still deeper. He is not fighting the scams , he is fighting those who do it, and to change it so that tomorrow when someone comes and sits in there, we common man can be proud of him, and of ourselves.
The day is not far when Common Man of world's largest democracy will not longer be common.

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