Thursday, April 7, 2011

poonam Pandey ... the loser

As if that was the last thing Indians wanted, a world cup to rain in with controversy of a below par model with semi-developed brain and get-fame-at-any-cost trying to take off her clothes to encourage Indian cricket team. Thank God, she was stopped , else Indian team might have lost the world cup.
As I was looking through Indiatimes, and there is this headlines, Poonam pandey takes off her clothes in Zoom studio.
Here is the link to it, and I am pretty sure you will come back to read more, and might not even go through all the pics.

I sincerely thought if she wanted the world to laugh on her with her claims of bare all, I cant withstand her taking a top off, how can we even imagine she will do that. Its illegal, its crime against those who still believe in beauty. Please don't take the artistic touch from painters, there are lot many, much better, and better looking girls (forget the models) who can smile and inspire Team India to win.

I am glad , we dont need more of Poonam Pandey, and sad that such females still exist in India. Hopefully we won't see more of such nonsense, and dignity or encouragement be maintained by all.
PS: Atleast have a figure to die for, or a face to look or a smile to smile all.

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