Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who is God and why is he watching us ...

Who is God. Why do we look upto skies. Why do we believe in luck. Why do we associate the success stories of peers as luck and ours as a hardwork. What is this theory of all happens for good, or does it really happen that way. Do we really get what we deserve, or do we want what we deserve and still get it. Do we deserve what we have and still lose it. Why is there such a difference between a cup and a lip. Why wil man for his utmost greed for money come up and murder the dreams, molest the expectations and rape the opportunity that so called Luck in other people dictionary give us.
Why is it some self centered , useless , rude and  yet no value add to society exists to stop you from the glory of achieving your dreams, from clinching the much needed respite from the hard luck. Well there is God, who help those who help themselves. This is the quote, then people who selflessly help others must be fools, since those who cheat others always think about themselves, and help them. People like me. How many like him. Why are people not going in religious path but in spiritual path. Why can't the things be simple and happy as expected

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