Tuesday, July 12, 2011

G+ ... plus facebook ?

New social network on cards. Second attempt by google (after orkut). Will they integrate Orkut with Google+, that would save me a lot of time to get up and working, and lot of my lost friends back in my circle.

I have used G+ for a few days now, and here it goes, over Facebook:

Chat : GTalk , google chat have been longer than facebook, but still obsolete. There are circles ,  but no way to chat to people in one circle. I can not be invisible for one particular group in G+.
On other hand, grouping in FB is very logical. It lets me select who all groups see me online , and offline. Then , the groups now have a chat feature ( just like yahoo rooms). So a group with 100 people have 100 people chatting at same time, discussing and feel like in a group. The admins having power to deny chatting rights to people.

Well , while Google takes it sweet years to get the feature in place, does it realize it will have to let commercial people make good money out of it. Let ads come, paid apps and free apps. A thing which will be soon in there, but then there will be ads all over the place. Is google trying to get the apps in place is another question. How will it hook to the framework.

If there ever are groups on G+ , and end user has common friends from 5 different groups, how will that be handled. This can always be nullified saying "we wont have groups (or communities as per Orkut). Can they survive without it.

Since its google product, the crawlers will now be going through Google Plus more than they do to FB, will it not affect the search results. Google Plus feature , which is like "Like" feature of FB, but definitely of some higher value, what is the value.

Is there something other than circles of life G+ has to offer over FB , something which a FB person can't do.

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