Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sorry State of Affairs ...

It has come , the final reality that we are still vulnerable.We are still too lenient, and not angered enough to strike back. We are the people who have died in bomb blast on July 13 2011. We were all having a fun time, shopping, getting ready for dinner. Few of us have new born kids, and many of us live a normal life. We have died, but not naturally. An explosion took place, and we are no more.For us the life came to an end, but those who were with us, they have come to standstill.
Do you understand when you kill a person , you kill a relation. You make a hole in the family that takes ages to mend, and sometimes it never does. It depletes the entire family and affects the next generation directly. I never would have imagined this life, had it not been for my better half. The challenges life throws are huge, and loss of someone out of nowhere shatters more than one dreams. Suddenly the promotion is gone, there is no more Diwali or Holi, neither is bhaiya-duj, and thats because some sorry son of a B*** didn't like India having Kashmir? Someone didnt like India progressing. It can not be religious, but sadly sometimes it is.
Is going out and having war is the solution , it will lead to more soldiers lost, more deaths, more casuality. Bigger holes in the wall , but then it would let us smile. It would give us a reason that what tax I pay is used in correct way, and that no intruder can dare touch my motherland. Come on , loser politicians, wake up. Take the money out of your swiss accounts and be an Indian. They want Kashmir, do it unprecedented way.  Make all the desert a real desert. For once, that would silent them forever. They should know its the time ,India is no longer in hands of people who dont care, and who dont dare. Gone is the era when Ravan took Sita, gone are the times when Drapadi was done ... the first half is done. We have tolerated. Now is the time to act. To go out for final Ram-Ravan war, like for Kaurav-pandav war.
Men in blue won the world , now lets win the peace. Lets make it loud and clear, that we are superpowers, and we have mousetraps to flush out mice from life.
 The worst part was , as i heard the news, it was still flashing "non sense" Bollywood news,  not interested in people who died. did a better job. But still for TV media, its just a matter of TRP. instigate people, the common man needs to wake up. The blasts happened on Wednesday, and the movie of same name could be the solution. I wish but hope not. I hope the democratic government does something, before India becomes milliatary dominated country to revenge the death of people who died in blasts like today.
Come on India !!!

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