Monday, November 21, 2011

The Flat Road

It has happened well over a dozen times, but to have this fate on Freeway was an experience in itself.
Nov 18, 2011 - I got up at 5:30 AM to reach the office on time, so I can come home a bit early to avoid peak time traffic which is insane at regular time.
The drive to the office was smooth, and made a presentation for the day. Completing the other stuff, I hit the road after completing the job. Concerned about not hitting the road after the carpool lanes turn green, I took the exit for San Mateo bridge.
There was a peculiar gushing sound as I went through it. The sound was disturbing, but the car didn't show any loss in air pressure, and I thinking it to be a normal road condition noise, I rushed through. The noise dropped and I cleared off the San Mateo Bridge, and to 880 South . Few miles before I would turn for my house, the car starting dwindling. A loud noise and unbalanced car at over 70 mph, in high speed traffic. The challenge was tough , it was a split second decision.
Steps I took :
1. Put on the hazard lights , the person behind me slowed down and rushed off.
2. Opened the moon roof (with single push) , and took my right hand out of it, grabbing the attention of person behind me , and pointing to fact I need his help.
3. Now I slowly applied breaks , and veered off to the other side ( emergency stop).

I was on the other side , went out and saw a foot long cut right in the tire, with a steam of smoke coming out of it. I knew it was friction heat, but not sure whether it could have lead to a fire. I had to go and empty a water bottle to cool it down.

Next was calling for help, thanks to Anshu for getting the roadside assistance, and Suhaas for picking me up. He traveled all the way from San Fran to pick me up, on a busy day. Well , guess that's what friends are for. It was followed by an epic game of AOE , nice dinner and playing cards. Piyush and Kavita joined me , Ansh, Suhaas and Nimi for a rocking end to a day that rocked the air out of my car.

PS: The guy who replaced the tire was assertive it was a sabotage attempt ;)

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