Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Don't remember

As much as I try to remember you , I am reminded of the pain. I don't really remember your face, nor your name , neither the place we met or where we separated. I don't remember the first time we met, and the first flowers I sent. I don't remember those daily late night phone calls or the gifts we exchanged. I don't carry your name or number in my wallet, nor I remember if we ever were friends. I don't remember if we went to a dinner together or had an evening walk. I don't remember you making to my birthday party nor I remember the help you seeked at each phase. No, I don't remember that I used to think it will be impossible for you to survive without me. No , I don't remember any of those stories you shared with me, nor the time when my friends asked me to distance from you. I don't remember those friends either. I don't remember the fun we had, I don't remember we went to office together. I don't remember telling any of them your name, I don't remember.
I have managed a big amnesia in myself, the hole is bigger than the pot. The darkness is immense like a big cup in a dark room. Like two de-motivated armies fighting for victory over a dead territory. I know you feel the same as I feel for you , and there is nothing we can ever remember about each other.
Its just blank now , a piece of paper where nothing was ever attempted. A lone forest, which is still uninhabited,  untamed and unleashed. A white pure paper which is blank on both sides but watermarked Love.


  1. Supperbb one,..emptiness, void where everyone comes acros once so beautifully explained...

  2. umm.. so one question.. arent all the emotions remembered??
    n.. let me knw if i m right or not... the writer here tells.. he doesnt remembers any feeling but still he remembers EVERYTHING wd this love story.. how they were, what frnds say n stuff..
    is this post taking ironic?
    (ps - if yes! i loved it! <3)

  3. Its same thing as ... Whats your name Deepali ... :)
    I don't remember if we ever talked on phone, I don't remember if you are in my friend's list , I don't remember if you are in India ... I remember each and everything , I chose not to forget ...