Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holi Khele Raghuveera ....

Holi -  an amazing festival of colors. Another year and few more plans to hatch. Last time this time around, I was a bachelor, playing my last holi at Fremont Hindu Temple with my friends.  I did indeed not left anyone without colors who came to play Holi. A year later, the things changed drastically. It was funny and bright last time, there was no tsunami, no forecast for sandstorms, no radiation worries and above all, I was single.
This time it was more challenging. We decided to visit each and every friend we can cover in Fremont and neighboring areas. We woke up enthusiastically, all set in spirit of holi. It was raining, trying to drench our spirits to play holi, the single digit temperature failing to set us to our first destination.
Me , Anshu and Vaishu left for Nimi's place to be greeted by Nimi and Suhas. We had a wonderful time drenching ourselves in rain, colors , fun and the nature poured in with water. We had a lot of discussions where to play holi , inside their house or in open. We started out in open, and were joined by neighbouring lady. It all ended with chocolates, and a dinner invitation for next week. Giving people a 10 minute notice to be ready for Holi was fun to do .
Next we tried to call Karan, who was sleeping and didnt pick up the call. We proceeded to Jenifer's house, and had fun with the couple. Proceeded to play it with Raman and Manu. Then to Raman's mom place. Went out to Pooja's place , but she was also not in town.
We were hungry and so we had to eat something. The procession went ahead to Vineeta di and Raju's house . The reluctant people were not letting us in, but eventually the cold weather let them invite us in. It was followed by majestic display of colors. We had a nice lunch and wonderful reception of lunch.
We came back to our place and then got ready for dinner with Anjali and her husband. Had a lotta fun time and fittingly it ended with another splash of colors 1:30 AM ...