Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who is God and why is he watching us ...

Who is God. Why do we look upto skies. Why do we believe in luck. Why do we associate the success stories of peers as luck and ours as a hardwork. What is this theory of all happens for good, or does it really happen that way. Do we really get what we deserve, or do we want what we deserve and still get it. Do we deserve what we have and still lose it. Why is there such a difference between a cup and a lip. Why wil man for his utmost greed for money come up and murder the dreams, molest the expectations and rape the opportunity that so called Luck in other people dictionary give us.
Why is it some self centered , useless , rude and  yet no value add to society exists to stop you from the glory of achieving your dreams, from clinching the much needed respite from the hard luck. Well there is God, who help those who help themselves. This is the quote, then people who selflessly help others must be fools, since those who cheat others always think about themselves, and help them. People like me. How many like him. Why are people not going in religious path but in spiritual path. Why can't the things be simple and happy as expected

Just In Time

For once, I thought my adventures into last minute crazy plans might go in for a toss when I married a very well organized easy to go and plan-in-ahead girl. Well, happens to be that last minutes plans are here to stay, and for long. We have planned to go to Sequoia and King's canyon, but the last minute snowfall and landslides cancelled the planned. We have packed our stuff and were ready to go. There was no stopping back. Then we ran through a list of places we could have gone and enjoyed our 1st shagun anniversary.  The list was brought up and each of the place mentioned was visited recently. Reno/Tahoe , Clearlake, Mt shashta , Redwood national park, Vegas and LA. We then sat down and searched the maps of places nearby. Nearly everyplace was marked, visited. Then we found this small place ,Pacifica, CA.
We went and have an amazing time , we have to , we had.
We started the journey to Pacifica, and just on crossing half moon bay realized, its perfect weather for beach side fun. We stopped over Dunes beach in half moon bay, spent half a day in there, before proceeding to Point Montera lighthouse. Amazing sounds of water hitting the shore 50 feet below your feet. This was followed by our trip to Pacifica ... and three days later we were travelling to Hawaii, and that was also just in time