Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Dead ?

The headlines, and most talked about. Osama is dead, Justice finally. Or is it just an appetizer to satisfy our growing hunger for peace, which is far from reality. Is OSAMA dead, I don't believe it. There are so many questions to be answered, where was Osama. Who was the one giving shelter. Is that person not a curlprit. When Osama's picture is in every US embassy around the world, I dont think a reason any country won't be knowing Osama is hiding in the posh colony in its territory.
Osama was the key element who was thought to have master-minded the 9/11, or was he. There are video tapes in which he claimed, is it not possible they were doctored. Is it not possible someone was playing bigger game in the back, assuring him safety and security, which was provided for nearly a decade. It could have gone longer, but its immaterial to the fact , there was no bigger conspiracy since then. The small attacks will continue, and Obama is neither needed nor master-minding any of those. Then who it is. It is probably one of those who have sheltered him, or hidden him. If he knew he would be caught one day , then there must be a successor. Whoever it will be, there will be one. Who is it.
Do we have a right to celebrate on a mere dead puppet . There is something we need to make sure next time we are so happy. Is the celebration for real or the cause for it. Is real Osama dead or is he really dead. Will it lead to end of terrorism . Will it make world a safer place to live. Will it