Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life as a Stock Market

Lets play Stock Market with life. I had this curious feeling of going to stock market, every now and then. Study the market for sometime, and come out of it. But in last three years, I have realized , the stock market is so much as the life we life, unpredictable yet stable. Being aggressive is fine, being greedy is dangerous. Instincts lead to glory, as they do to misery. Flowing with the traffic might assure of safe sailing, but then neither life or stocks are meant for that kind. You need to have a partner in crime in life, and if that ends up as one for your stocks too, the more glory.
Faith works best in both these situation, while blind faith works only in life. The stocks like life go up to a high , and come down to a low. Stocks go a long way in the style you live your life. A pessimistic approach in stocks is most common nowadays, but thats not what you have come to stocks for. Take a risk , judge the water. Remember when you buy a stock, you are purchasing a part of company. Purchase the one in which you would like to work given an option. Don't go by advise everyone tells you, go with your brainpower with a pure heart and clear sight. Remember , stocks can be played with and life is what plays with it.