Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Bash - 2012

Well this is time of year when you wave good-bye to last year and welcome new one. This year we decided to go for a bollywood style party. After lots of discussions, we finalized ICC Milpitas (sold out), then took Avalon Lounge . Well Gold member passes got us a private booth.
Partners in Crime: Me, Anshu , Nimi , Suhaas, Geet
Possible people to meet : Jas Arora, Anusha (nonsense not-good looking) Dandekar

The long queue at enterance was the first evidence of heights of mismanagement people can have, long queue for appetizers (which unfortunately was dinner as well) was ridiculous , one hour open bar was made a mockery since the bands were not provided till 8 25 PM , when it was only till 8 : 30 PM. Food was OK (Peacock was providing the food, making sure the demand and supply are never met, most of the trays were empty, and possibly caterer had not sufficient supply to keep on filling it).

Finally the music started, with Harjeet Mehndi (real brother to Daler Mehndi) sang a few Mika songs, and then came some Zaheer Abbas. We were already out dancing , and this singer kept on doind improper lip syncing. I really would have appreciated if he would have stopped faking it in front of an audience 10 feet away, and easily recognized that he was not singing. Well, I suppose if he would have sang it, then people on the floor would be less. Nevertheless , he played same song 3 times in a row, reminding of a hindi movie sequence "Pyar ke side effects" in which the DJ was made to play the same song 17 times.
Well , after an hour of dancing ,we went back only to meet Jas Arora. At first he looked the same as he did 20 years ago, just a few extra pounds, a heavy chin .. He looked like mixture of Jas Arora 20 years ago , and Jeetender 40 years ago. Well,  after we had our photos , Nimi Suhaas and Geet had their share of pic with the handsome guy.
While Anshu took the pic and Jas moved out , Anusha stood (looked like posing for the pic), but these three moved out. I think she got offended, but the look on her face was astonished. I told Suhaas about the incident, and Geet went back to ask for a photograph. She was already offended , and promised pic after her "too boring, too feeble, useless" performance.  Whatever be the case, Anusha didnt let anyone take a pic after that, and I think she didn't have too many takers after the performance.
But we did have a lot of fun dancing with our friends, till our legs broke and each muscle in the body pleaded to go home. We went back , welcoming new year 2012 with dance ...


  1. So true. But however hard they tried to make it a boring show, by playing same songs again and again and nothing new, however bad was Zaheer Abbas, with a loving hubby and friends it is always funnnnn! Welcome 2012!!!

  2. It was amazing since you were with me ...