Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Difficult Times

How easy is it for us to be happy and same at the same time. How easy it is to forget the past relationship and how difficult is it to get out of it on the mention of the same. Well , last month or so have been lots of fun , and this is probably the fifth time I had a group with which I did have lots of fun. Rhythm and Anand , we still rock , even though it has been 3 years since we last met , but we will re-join some day. Sameer and Fateh comes in second close and remaining comes after.
Well, this all started with Nandi Hills. The wonderful climate, the chilling morning dew , and above all the company of a friend. We really rocked that day. It was sort of fun. And it was cool too. What followed the next week was a trip to Palace Grounds for Sukhwinder Singh concert , and there were 9 girls and 2 guys. Well , pleasing it was as it might sound , but it took a lot of effort for 2 security guards protecting a treasure. Though sure about two gals , were really particular about a Friend and Namita. Neha was in her own stride ,and it really did matter was she would give a stare or two and come back in the group, sooner or later. It was fun to be in this group after a long time. Probably it came closer to training batch DJ nights.
The way back home was still more happening , where Ashu was drilled in the bus and it went on for a long time.
The following week was Ajit’s night. And invitees were Me and Himanshu, but it was decided other can just push in. Most of them were ready , and we decided to move. But to get a TT to Whitefield was not possible that day. It was virtually impossible to arrange a vehicle for the girls , and it was suggested they can come on their own, and then MS would arrange them to get back. But as I read between the lines , it will again not be possible. So I decided to have a work around . We went to places , after no TT in BTM, went to Madivala. And with all the possible bargains , settled for a Qualis and Indica, sufficient in capacity to carry 13 people , and just 100 bucks more than TT. The group will possibly be divided , but still girls can go and come back comfortably. Why is it I am pestering so much , because safety also happens to be one of the reasons. If there is some mishap then we have to be answerable. So lets spend sometime to draw out a plan, and absence of Soumya was a big worry. She is one of those who would carry the girls well, keeping in mind small things which generally girls would overlook. Well that  was also fun, and we danced to tunes of KK , and also had a hearty dinner. Its another matter we had to prepare dinner for Himanshu as he was busy dancing he didn’t have the time to have the dinner.
Next week was a

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