Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mysore Trip

Trip Date : 26-10-2008
Proposed Trip Time : 6 AM - 5 PM
Total Members : 8
Partners in Crime : A Friend, Neha Gupta , Soumya, Deepak , Neha Jain , Himanshu, Ajit , Princy
Vehicle Planned to be Used: A Tata Sumo. 
Actual Vehicle Delivered : A Qualis with wonderful system

Flashback To Crime Scene ... 
Time : 130 AM 

The phone is ringing. "Haan bhai , kaisa hai", I said as I heard Ajit on call. 
" Hope no plans for weekend. Want to rest." said Ajit. 
"Yes , no big plans , just to Mysore. Onboard at 6 AM.", and he started laughing wickedly. 
"You not kidding , I am going to kill you", was followed by a long stream of single rolled in abuses. "Come on. Think of me, I get tired.". 
"Its fine , you don’t want to come along , I am gonna cancel this thing. I am also not going in then., or we postpone it to Sunday." 
Ok fine ! its 2 AM now , sleep a few hours before we get ready." Ajit nearly scream. 

Time : 4 AM 
Knock knock ... Blast . Two roaring laughter, and I cover my face with the bed sheet. I want to sleep a bit more, but with trio at home , this has been a thing of rarity. Repeated pleading and little carelessness on part of Ajit and Himanshu gave me a heavenly sleep of 30 more minutes. 
"Get up . You want to leave by 6 AM , so get ready", mocked Himanshu.
"Get a sleep man. I died down at 330 AM only. it’s hardly 90 minutes I have slept", I was frustrated. 
"Haan bhai , I gave you permission to sleep at 2 , what the hell were you doing till this time. Chalo , time to get up". And then we started talking about the day that went by. The hectic client call , and the demo completed, at last minute. It has been 2 days in office, and this week I clocked 70 hours in 5 days ... 
Time: 6 AM 
Members Present: Ajit Himanshu Deepak 
who is going to bath first. Hey Himanshu you go bhai. I and Ajit will have a cup of tea, first. 
Ajit smiled and Himanshu retalitated, and so we had a nice ginger tea, i taking honours to make one. Finally pushing Himanshu , and getting all ready. Its 630 , and we are still fighting over the clothes to wear. 
Time : 7 AM
So here we are ready, and with only one of us getting ready. Deepak has always been a reason for others to be late. He would be ready and raring to go. Another 20 minutes, and Deepak goes up to driver.
"Haan bhaiya , where are you planning to take us", asked Deepak. Ajit and Himanshu still getting ready. "I think , we are going to Hogennakal Falls". said driver. Deepak looks at the number plate , and says, no. We have to go somewhere in Karnataka , as you have brought a yellow number plate. The driver proposed many names, and still undecided, Ajit and Himanshu came out. 
After a brief conversation , Mysore was place decided. With silky smooth roads, it was decided to have a go at the destination, Mysore. It has been the same place a few months ago, in which Deepak has met with the bike accident at very high speeds. But then times have changed and we are ready to go for party. 
Time: 800 AM 
Delay: Only 2 hours 
As all others got into groove, the road to bangalore mysore highway is a peculiar maze. Around an hour drive and we were on a spot , the same where we had lost the way. And i shouted out ... Hey we gonna stop here. And asked the driver to stop.
As they all were out , i pointed out to the T point where me , AJ and Himanshu nearly crossed the limit. There was then a fencing , and as usual , three of us sat to have a pic. After successful persuasion A friend took the pic. But then Neha Gupta tried to do the heroics and climb the fence. She nearly broke her leg bone, Somu was successful , but i dont know if all sat. 
The trip was then overtaken by the joys of the day. Sun rose sharply and threatened to spoil the mood, but was not to. It took us around 30 minutes to get going. ( the details of emotional turmoil in this trip are out of scope of this blog post. Wait for Golden Fields for those details). 
So here in the middle of the ride, permutation and combinations of sittings galore. we three were not permitted to sit together for a havoc and hell we created. It has been real tough times for someone to adjust to the down to street cheap jokes cracked and songs sung. So First seat was Himanshu and Somu. Second was Ajit , Neha Jain and Princy. and then remaining in the last. suddenly remembering no one has brought the money, and it was fun to look out for ATMs on the highway. This time around , we were not looking for the Petrol bunks but the ATMs. There has been strong liking for Petrol bunks many times, sometimes for Gasoline , or otherwise. 

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