Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Palace Grounds...

Ever heard of Palace Grounds bangalore. After this possibly you will start having a good knowledge of wonderful experience i am going to share with all of you. Though the first part is basically two-third strength of chamatkaari guys , still lets start.
So it starts with Soumya that free tickets are available for Sukhwinder Singh's night in Bangalore , and if we can join. And outing and i say No ... no way. So it was decided we will be going in for sukhwinfer night on 4th Oct. I have attended a similar concert by same person in DU , so was excited and wanted to stand close to speakers to enjoy to the max. So we decided to have a blast. Himanshu was sure and so was Ajit. But it came to knowledge , there are a few friends of Soumya also joining us in the palace grounds. So we had divided the passes amongst ourselves. Ever since i came and met these two @#@#@@ guys , i really never thought about other friends of mine in bangalore, which are abundant every here and there. We 3 make a GANG , a fun frolic one , which shines most with all three coming together. So it was decided that we will start for palace grounds at 5 PM , and possibly will have a few friends on bikes. But then it came to knowledge that she will be joining her PG friends. Palace grounds is not near , then i asked if we want a cab for her firends to go safely. I purely had no intentions of joining her friends, and just wanted them to just be safe. For there will be many girls all alone. Possibly we will join Soumya but we still were not sure , as Ajit was preparing for one MS nite , the following week. 
I was informed TT would cost 2400 for the trip of 8 hours , and feasible analysis said it might just not work out. But i wanted to be sure , so i went to a few shops and agents. All said 2300 + driver fees. But then i knew one local guy , Pradeep who arranged one TT for us. It was indeed a favor from him in return of one help i did 2 years ago. Good deeds dont die down.
Now i informed Soumya , and we were ready. 4th Oct was going to be a big day. More than having fun with girls was security concern. someone said it correctly that , with more number of girls you are turned into security guards. 
Well , finally i leaked out secret that all girls are coming in black , so we all will also come in the same code. Dress Code ... Black . Little we had knowledge , what the full code meant. 
Then we informed Soumya and the concert is well on the way, and major tension of coming back from there is solved. I had not known any girl other than Dheera by then. First came , then second , and then in no time entire bus was filled. So it took some time to break the ice. Names of all the girls came 30 min into the journey , but one thing was sure. All girls had black polished nails other than Ashu , who was rule breaker. There were shouts for us to stop the TT for the girls to buy the nail polish. In a city like Bangalore , stopping a TT in front of Forum would mean a big taffic jam behind you, and so we decided to continue. I didnt know how it was , but to just bark in front of an audience dominated by girls , who really dont know you , and your time going in to make them comfortable was not easy. But then Himanshu raised demand on my behalf for introduction. After first round of introduction , what max i remembered were Pinky , A friend and Princey. Though i was not sure who is poochi and who is princey. I had a very faint sight of Namita and Neha was one who looked most unintersted in my futile attempts, Ashu tried some heroism and some comments which brought cheers ... but still it was me and Himanshu trying to get all smiles together. 
We finally reached and parked the vehicle. What started was first round of eating, few decided 

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