Thursday, March 15, 2012

Try it !!!!

When was the last time you broke apart your inhibitions and tried something new. Like singing in public, learn dancing , pick up a music record, read a book , shout at someone , keep quiet for a day , eat lots of noodles .... dont shy away from chocolates as to hit the gym relentlessly daily ..... there are so many things which are abundant , and we end up packing ourselves to the small portion of the world of same boring routine. Its good to have a discipline, but change is the way of life. While being in same schedule try something different , something new, something which no one other than you will have eyes set on ... a different person. Don't stop thinking you will fail or not complete it, at least give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how wonderfully it works in your favor to make you strong , powerful and radiates your inner self with the luminosity of a thousand sun. But none of it is going out of the window , but straight in the trash can unless you just try it. So dont think too much, get the first thing that comes in your mind , and just Try it ....

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