Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Silence of the Entertainer

More than once has the world come across the silent entertainer, the one who makes the world around him spin around his axis, but is not as solid from inside as is the Earth. The world is elated at his attendance, delighted to have him around and mourn when he is gone.
The silent entertainer is possibly not the happiest soul on earth, but is like the "light", an invisible thing that makes other things visible. The one who makes everyone around them smile, while reaching the zenith in the life.
The verbose entertainer never stops , the silent one never exits. There has to be one certain thing that differentiates between success and successful people. Success is one time phenomenon and being successful is a characteristic of a person. Like it is easy to make money one time in stocks, but to consistently make a million out of it, one needs to understand the deep details. Similarly to make someone smile for once is possible, but to consistently make someone happy is another dimension.

The way things go around the world is each group has its own entertainer, one who would drive the group to its peak , keep it intact, gel it well and reach its end point. Its like a supernova , which is charismatic , brightens to light most part of universe, and ends up in silence forever. Each human that ever existed on earth , is an entertainer. Each entertainer plays his part in this world, and one day goes off in his style. The style may differ over a period of time , but it will vary a lot over an age. The silent entertainer is as different from silence of entertainer as the concept of Success and Successful . The biggest of them all always go out loudest, few of them are remembered by all , others are never forgotten.

Silence of entertainer is full of laughs, smiles and happiness which he has gifted to human race, the small packets that made the big difference. The silence is deafening, the noise is loud, the voices muffled and dreams shattered. The higher they fly, harder they fall ... more they laugh longer is the silence ...