Thursday, March 15, 2012

Try it !!!!

When was the last time you broke apart your inhibitions and tried something new. Like singing in public, learn dancing , pick up a music record, read a book , shout at someone , keep quiet for a day , eat lots of noodles .... dont shy away from chocolates as to hit the gym relentlessly daily ..... there are so many things which are abundant , and we end up packing ourselves to the small portion of the world of same boring routine. Its good to have a discipline, but change is the way of life. While being in same schedule try something different , something new, something which no one other than you will have eyes set on ... a different person. Don't stop thinking you will fail or not complete it, at least give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how wonderfully it works in your favor to make you strong , powerful and radiates your inner self with the luminosity of a thousand sun. But none of it is going out of the window , but straight in the trash can unless you just try it. So dont think too much, get the first thing that comes in your mind , and just Try it ....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kaash ...

kaash ki tu original hota,
kaash ki mein fake nahi hota,
kaash ki chal paata apni soch per ,
kaash ki hoti ek soch nok per ,
kaash ki status tera chori ka na hota ,
kaash tu original hota ,
kaash mein fake nahi hota ...
kaash mein sach ka saathi hota,
kaash tu jhoot pe sawar na hota,
kaash mil paati hum dono ki raahein ,
kaash tu aag aur mein barf na hota ,
kaash ki tera mera milna ek sapna na hota,
kaash ki teri meri mazil ek hi hoti ,
kaash ki raastein bhi ek hi hote ,
kaash ki tu aur mein ek saath hi kerte saffar,
kaash ki manzil peeche na choot jaati ,
kaash ki tu aagey na nikal jaata ,
kaash ki kabhi tujhe pata chale ki mein bhi hoon,
kaash ki tujhe kabhi ilm ko ki tera saya mein hi hoon,
kaash ki tu mud ke dekhe aur mein na milun,
kaash ki tu chale aur dhaal mein banu ,
kaash ki tu dushmani kerke bhula deta ,
kaash ki mein dosti kerke bhula na paata,
kaash ek din tu aur mein fir se mile ,
kaash ki hum baith ke fir se taare gine ,
kaash ki gine fir se ki paanch saal baad kahan honge,
kaash ki yaad kerke aankho mein aasun aaye tere ,
kaash ki tujhe yaad aaye ki aagey hum nahi ,
kaash ki tujhe yaad aaye ki peeche tum nahi ,
kaash ki bata de tumhe ki hum hai bahut door ek doosre se,
kaash kisi tarah kam ho jaayein yeh dooriya ...
kaash ki tum aur mein ban jaaye hum kisi tarah ...