Sunday, March 25, 2012

India Calling ...

I have been so much of an Indian , that I forget I have not visited India for ages now. Last time I was in India ,  I was a bachelor, weighed 40 pounds less , understood Celcius ( and not F ) , and 100 F was only when I had fever , drove Right hand , and was used to cows on the roads, never followed traffic signals, lanes were never visible, and shouting and howling were a part of life. Nothing much as changed since, I now have someone who will be with me forever ,to be with those will be forever for us. Last time I was in India, I had no clue about stock market, have nothing saved, was a new bee in industry, followed cricket all over the world, discussed F1 , kept in touch , fell in love over times , Fed-ex was a force to reckon with, Nadal was still to defeat Fed-ex, Sachin was nowhere close to 100 centuries, Monty was future of English Cricket and I was still waiting for my future to take off. I am still waiting for it.
A changed person now does not remember cricket , but another insane thing as stock market, one who monitors his servers more than the run scored, watches the gold as much as pennies remaining, boasts of a life which has a 50% shareholder in it, and imagines it to improve over time and ages.  This time it has been a while, and its been a long time. Iam not sure if I am prepared for it, but there is really no excitement other than my sister's wedding.
I hope this India wedding trip makes everyone happy, and happier in their lives (touchwood)