Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Secular India

Secular India is a misnomer.  Don't get me wrong here, India is very secular. She has a very high tolerance towards each and every religion on Earth. She ignores the offensive remarks, acts and actions of each and every religion that is thrown upon at her. She does not punish those who hurt her northern borders, or those who try to kill people in Taj, neither does she punish those who are repeat offenders. She has seen the world a lot more than we can possibly fathom, she is tolerant. A part of her was taken away from her in year 1947, but she did not lose any sympathy for the loss. She still ignores the constant wars and harassment of what was once her part keeps on posing towards her. She is happy with the thought that the people who reside here are secular. Not only that , the people with the minorities are protected and have liberal views.
India has been a real motivation for most of the countries, or could have been. The constant communal crashes, politics on religion and caste, demographic separation between various parts based out of religion are just a slap on the face of the great concept. Here in this country there is a big tolerance , and the tolerance limit of the country will soon exceed the limit the country has.
Let me give you a better example for the same , being secular for Hindu today is like being in General class. You give exams like anyone else would, but you will not get a seat in a college / institution or a job if there is a "reservation" class waiting for the same seat. That is justified in eyes of constitution since they have an attached "reserved" surname. Most of the times , these reservations are phoney and fake, and people come out of well to do families, but the interests of general class is gutted. Same is the situation with "Secular" India. The general "Hindu" class should tolerate all the atrocities , terrorist attacks and every other possible attack on the temples, without the expectation of them retaliating back. A non Hindu leader death can result in huge rallies, and people saying anything against it be Non Secular and subject to Law , but same treatment when done to a Hindu leader is condemned. Is this the Secular India .
Secular India is tolerance of all religions among each other, which often gets translated as tolerance of hindus against all other. That should not be the case. If Hindus are majority in India, then why is it that most of attacks are on them. How is it then Hindu population in J&K dropped by over 90% . If there are regions in which other religions dominate , be it muslim , christian , Jew , Parsi , or combination of them, then Hindus should enjoy same rights as minorities do in other regions.
It is very political , these are my thoughts on Secular India. I am not justifying terror, or domination of any religion , but my personal opinion as a Hindu living in so called "Secular India". My voice is a little concerned  since I belong to a generation which still has a tolerance to injustice. The next generation is possibly a Zero Tolerance Zone. It will be hard to contain the sentiments of general "Hindu" next time around.
I pray and hope India remains secular, and people of other religion to respect what we respect as well. I sincerely hope people show tolerance towards the leaders of Hindu religion as they expect for their leaders.  I am afraid of the day when the Secular India wakes up to the injustice and takes the justice by force. The day will be a sad day for world when the world sees largest secular democracy waking up from the deep sleep of ignorance, roaring like a lion and setting the justice in place. The reform is long due and soon expected.