Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Salary

It is an awesome feeling to get the first salary. It represents a big leap in a person's life, and often a person buys the thing they wanted to have for long. I don't really remember how I spent my first salary (or did I really spent it). I have seen in a lot of movies when a person gives his mother , or a daughter her dad the first cheque (sounds too cheasy) , but the person receiving it is always heart filled. I would have never understood that feeling had my wife not handed over her first cheque in a new company to me. Well , at first I was confused, but then the feeling starting sinking it. I felt as if the most important person in the world. Lot of my worries, tension and professional challenges were just thwarted off with the simple expression of love from my love.
I will always cherish the first salary , and not laugh on those cheasy things (or try not to ) .