Friday, April 11, 2014

It was here , it still is ...

All of a sudden it comes to you, right in front of your eyes. It always was there. It always will be. Try looking beyond horizons or towards the farthest greener grounds. Try the most majestic thoughts you got. Try making the pocket green , try making the world green. Try to change it , try it a now. Did you try ? Was it a success . Try it a bit more , push it an inch deeper . It works.  that one extra step , that one final effort , that one last time always work. It always was there. All of a sudden it might come to your realization, but it was never away.


  1. lol. leafing through your blogs and posts, i was wondering... how do you manage to write so much. and i thought i am the only one who writes anything and everything. lol. :D :D

    1. well not so much , i just had 3 in 2014 ... will have to get back to it

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