Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pick Your battles ...

The world still goes by Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. The things have changed , the competition must have changed but the very basic nature's selection of the best remains the same. You might not know it , it there is , it always will be. Either you are slowly increasing in numbers or you are being put to rest. Some may call it God , some name it fate , for me it is just a passing moment. Who has and who will ever come back to the life and time , well no one will. It is similar to "People will forget the words thou said , but shall thy not forget how ya made them feel". The world multiplied in a hurry , and as after rally comes a pause . After every milestone comes a halt , we have to stop , take a break , refuel and run again. Instead of integrating your life over to the rest of world, let us differentiate ours from the others.
The very basic rule is "birds of the same feather flock together" , and those who stay together , live together , live longer. Choose your friends , and be true. I have been best in making new friends , and at worst keeping them. I have not kept a good friend for over a period of year. The closest that comes is my family , who have been deprieved of me more than i can imagine.
I have had not so good times in maintaining what was mine, or what could have been mine. I would be very wrong in saying , if i dare , i did not get what i was destined for, but here i am. I have a trophy , i have a few current friends , and i have a binder.  The soul that never tires but always keeps on looking for its motive of existence.
I am sure money is not one of those, neither is the fame or the friends , then what it is that we come here for. Are we any different from people we put in prison confided in four walls , or institutionalized . Well , I have for now made peace that nothing can come to you unless you desire for it.
If a thing comes to you, you have really not desired , time for you to have a closer look , and battle it out. You choose your own battles , and the motives. One day you shall , and you will be selected in Darwin's theory relatively. That is for time to tell , but i can tell you one thing for sure, no matter what happens , you Pick Your Battles , but always stand by with your friends. They are just the best chance you got and vice versa. help you help yourself .